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700 Plus Credit National

700 Plus Credit National is a credit repair company based in Houston, TX who has helped thousands of people get back to credit worthiness over the past 6 years.

What makes 700 Plus Credit unique is we will not only help you remove the derogatory information from your credit report but we will also help you re-establish and build your credit score. You have access to our relationships with lenders who can get you approved for personal loans and credit cards.

You will have access to our real estate department to get you approved for a home loan, and you will have access to our auto dealerships that will help you find the car you are looking for at the best financing options available.

Stop getting declined because you have bad credit, and stop paying high interest on your home loan, auto loans, and your credit cards because of your low credit score.


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Dallas Credit Repair Articles and Helpful Tips

Assistance Of Credit Repair Companies in Dallas

Credit Repair Companies in Dallas are available to solve your credit score problems for a very long time, but have now become very much popular in recent years as more and more people start utilization of their services. Once any specific transactions are challenged, your Creditors must carry on an investigation to ascertain if there is any merit to the dispute.

Creditors end up dissolving disputes in favor of the Customer, which is for sure great news for you. Individuals ruminating utilizing the services of a Credit repairing company must be conscious of the Credit Repair Organizations Act. This law was outlined to defend consumers from Credit Repair scams.

If you like to assay carrying on with creditors on your own, no one is turning you. But the Agents that work for Credit Repair Companies know all the ins and outs of carrying on with banks and several other financial institutions, so that they are in a situation to address your complaints more effectively.

There are various Credit Repair Companies in the Market for the help of customers who are troubled from bad credit score. As you all know the necessity of good credit score in your life, it is very necessary to raise and maintain the credit score with the time. It is really very difficult to find and search the authentic Repair companies in the Market, so you have to be aware when you select the Credit Repair Company.

Once you discover the best Company then it will take all the province of your debt. Now it is the time to know how these Credit companies will facilitate you to carry off your Credit report score. This is how Repair Companies will make you with regard to Credit Score and get care of your Debt management.



Know the influencing facts about Dallas Credit Repair

There are many factors that affect credit repair. What are the factors that affect the credit is important to know, so that in future if you want to have some credit for your emergency needs you should not suffer. Life is unexpected turns of the luck and bad luck. When people need money for their emergencies they should be in a position to raise sufficient money so that they can come out from their emergencies. This is very important for every individual.

One should not neglect any aspects of their credit repair. Therefore it is necessary for them to know collection accounts on credit report. The collection accounts on credit report are an important factor so that one needs to be alert in this matter. How one should make their accounts on credit report compatible is the question that needs an answer.

There are many organizations which say that they will fix bad credit or they can do the credit repair and so many things on credit repair. But it is important for you to know all such announcements are fictitious and worthless according to attorneys of federal trade commission. Instead of depending on the other institutions and private companies they have suggested people to look after their credit repair entirely by themselves so that their credit report will attain a state of credibility only if you provide all the details without hiding anything in your report….

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Credit Reporting Agencies and Definitions of a Credit Score

Most information about credit reporting agencies — also known as credit bureaus — lists only three agencies. These agencies are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. In reality, there are five agencies that provide access to your credit report, but only those three are mandated by law to provide a free annual credit report to any consumer who asks.

Experian, TransUnion and Equifax each provide you with a free credit report upon request. This credit report will give you a detailed history of your credit, what factors go into its calculation and your credit score itself.

You can also request your credit report from the other two companies, Innovis and PRBC. These companies have a less streamlined process, and they operate slightly differently from the big three. PRBC, for example, allows consumers to…

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Checking your Credit Report

In order to check your credit, you will need to contact one or more of the agencies above. You can visit their websites individually and request a credit report. Alternatively, you can request a no cost / no obligation credit consultation by clicking here.

Once your have your credit score, what does it mean? People in Dallas talk about good credit and bad credit, but rarely do they list the actual numbers involved. Here is an idea of what the credit score range looks like. Keep in mind that most credit scores range from 300 to 900.

  • Under 500: This is the lowest of the low. It is difficult to get a credit score this low, and once it has reached this point, it is difficult to fix it. You will have a had time getting any loans, and those you do will come with interest rates akin to the worst payday advances. If your score ever reaches this point, you would do well to visit a credit repair agency for assistance
  • 500-580: This range is considered bad credit. You will still be able to secure financing, home loans, auto loans and other borrowing. However, you will find high interest rates across the board. At this stage, a credit repair agency can help quite a bit
  • 580-619: While still considered poor credit, this particular range is more acceptable. You will still encounter high interest rates, but you won’t suffer as much from denied financing. Diligence and monitored financing can improve a score from this level without the aid of a repair agency, but you can still benefit from their help if you…

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What goes in to your credit score?

  • Payment history. Paying bills on time will raise your credit, while late payments and unpaid bills will lower it
  • Debts. If you have outstanding credit card debt, loan balances or owe money to other institutions, it will affect your credit
  • Length of history. It takes time to build a credit history, and a short credit history is a warning sign to many agencies
  • Age and number of credit accounts. Opening up several new loans or credit cards in a short period of time can negatively affect your credit score
  • Types of credit. If your entire credit history stems from credit cards, you will see different numbers than if you had loans or mortgages on record as well

Your credit score is entirely an indicator of financial health. It does not contain any demographic information — no company can look at your credit score and see your race, religion, age or gender. Credit counseling, credit repair, employment history and interest rates are all ignored by your credit score as well. This means that if you have bad credit, contacting a credit repair agency will not hurt your score.


Consequences of Bad Credit

How bad is bad credit for you? The answer is almost shockingly bad. You might not even realize how bad it can be until it happens to you. Interest rates are the biggest, most obvious factor. Think about anywhere that you have to pay interest. Mortgages. Car loans. Private loans. Credit card debt. Every one of these interest rates will go up as your credit score goes down.

Approval for lines of credit and loans is the other major area. If you want to buy a new car, you need to take out an auto loan. If you want to own a new home, you need a mortgage. If your credit score is low, you might have trouble finding a low interest rate. If your credit score is even lower, you’ll have trouble finding a financial institution that is willing to lend you money at any interest rate.

Much of this is a cycle of destruction. A bad credit score leads to higher interest rates on credit card debts. Higher interest rates means it takes more to pay, and it becomes harder to pay on time. When you don’t pay on time, that fact is reported and your credit score goes down.

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“700 Plus Credit is a GREAT company to work with. My credit score jumped almost 100 point within 42 days of signing up. I would HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone who is looking to get their credit repaired.”
“700 Plus Credit National helped me get my life back in order. I was drowning in student debt and they helped me get out of it. I am now able to buy a house because of 700 Plus Credit National!”
“After I filled for bankruptcy, I thought I was going to live a much more stress free life. Boy I was wrong! 700 Plus Credit National helped me clean up my credit. There were so many errors on my report. They helped get rid of the errors and my credit score is now over 700.”
“Right out of college, I had over $40,000 in student debt. I was unable to buy a car which I needed for my new job. The great people at 700 Plus Credit helped me manage my debt and got me into a brand new car with a great interest rate. Thank you so much again!”
“I was in need of a business loan, but the banks were not going to give me a penny. I called 700 Plus Credit National for help. They create a great plan for me to get back on track. It took about 3 months for my credit score to get back in the good range. I went to the bank and they approved me for my business loan!”
“I needed to purchase a home for my children. I also wanted them in a better school district. I had no idea my credit was so bad. Within 6 months of using 700 Plus Credit National, I was approved for a home loan. They really helped my family out! Thank you sooo Much!”